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Literary events in Oxford: Short Stories Aloud

Short Stories Aloud: Elise Valmorbida and Jacqueline O'Mahony

This is one of my favourite regular literary events in Oxford! We gather downstairs at Blackwells and listen to actors perform short stories by two authors. After a short break, the authors answer the questions from the audience scribbled on paper notes. The event is hosted by an author Sarah Franklin.

This time we listened to writers Elise Valmorbida talking about her latest book The Madonna of the Mountains and Jacqueline O'Mahony talking about her book A River in the Trees.

Elise ValmorbidaElise Valmorbida talks about her book The Madonna of the Mountains - a family saga set in northern Italy during the times when fascism was on the rise.
Jacqueline O'MahonyJacqueline O'Mahony tells about her book A River in the Trees - a sweeping novel of love, loss, history and secrets.
Elise Valmorbida sitting among the audience while listening to her story being read out aloud

Shame on me cause I did not find out the actors' names... maybe next time!

Short Story Aloud #1
Short Story Aloud #2

Did I mention that you get cake during the break?


If you'd like to find out more about the authors, here are the links:

Elise Valmorbida:

Jacqueline O'Mahony:

Literary Oxford: Johann Hari

February 2, 2019. Philosophy in the Bookshop - Nigel Warburton and Johann Hari

Philosophy in the Bookshop is one of the regular events at Blackwell's bookshop (Oxford).

This time we listened to philosopher Nigel Warburton talking with writer and journalist Johann Hari. The author told us about his book exploring the mental health issues, 'Lost Connections'.

The event attracted many more people than there were seats, even people who were in the bookshop looking for books were stopping to listen!

My favourite quote of the event:

'It's not the work that makes us depressed - it's being controlled at work'.

So simple and yet so true.

Philosophy in the Bookshop - Nigel Warburton and Johann HariFor more photos check out my blog entry - Literary Oxford! By the way I love the expression of the guy on the top left.
Writer and journalist Johann Hari
Listening to Johann Hari at Blackwell's

To learn more about the book, click here: Lost connections

To find out more about the events at Blackwell's bookshops, click here: Blackwell's events

Photos were taken with Pentax K-70, lens Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC HSM.

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