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Christmas Alone: Make it fun! Creative Ideas and Colouring Book

Christmas alone can be awesome! In this book you will find many great ideas on what to do on Christmas when you are alone. It is available as an e-book on Kindle, a small printed book (blue book cover), and a separate edition that has 12 unique hand-drawn pictures for colouring (green book cover).

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Christmas Alone Book Coverake it Fun!

This is the cover of Christmas Alone - Make it Fun! Creative ideas and colouring book.

Index of pictures

Summary of all colouring pages available on Christmas Alone - Make it Fun! Creative ideas and colouring book (the one with green cover).

Christmas Cat

Just a cat.

Christmas Alone - Make it Fun!

The cover of the book Christmas Alone - Make it Fun!" that is available both on Kindle and as a printed book. Note that this one has only ideas on how to spend your Christmas, but it is not a colouring book.